Nostalgia for 40-50 year olds -

I guess Christmas time just makes me really nostalgic, and as a result, I thought this thread might be fun. I don’t mean to exclude anyone by limiting the age range, but for me, Strawberry Shortcake or Care Bears wouldn’t be nostalgic, so feel free to start a thread for other age ranges!

Two things I though of recently. I don’t know what made me think of this, and it probably actually belonged to my older sister, but does anyone remember the tape you used on your wet bangs to make them dry straight and even? I think it was pink.

Also, Mystery Date! That was the cutest game. I didn’t actually have one, but I remember my cousin did. I always wanted that game!!

Anyone else? :slight_smile:

Oh gosh I do remember the pink tape. I used it all the time for my bangs. I also used to put tissue paper under my bangs and then the pink tape. This was suppose to give a lift for your bangs.:roflhard::roflhard:
Do you also remember teasing your hair so high you could get a nose bleed.:oo: I had really tall hair back in the days.

I never teased my hair, but I remember my mom putting hundred to bobby pins in my hair for pin curls. And I always wanted a pair of white go-go boots. I never got them. And mini-skirts… my Dad was always threatening to sew a “gunny sack” to the bottom of my dresses.

Pink tape on bangs - yes!
And did you iron your hair?
And did you macrame holders for potted plants?
And were you in girls-only home ec classes while the boys were in boys-only shop class?
Did you wear bell-bottoms?
Do you remember when girls had to wear dresses to school?
Did you get to stay up late to see the Beatles for the first time on Ed Sullivan?
Did you watch the Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night?
I could go on… and on… and on…

Collecting Beatles’ bubble gum cards
Chatty Cathy (who has made a comeback on the Geico commercials)
Thumbelina baby doll
Anyone every have the Camp Grenada board game? It was after the song about Camp Grenada came out…"Hello mudah, hello fadah, here I am at Camp Grenada…"
Captain Kangaroo/Mr. Green Jeans/Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit
If you are from Chicago- Garfield Goose, Frasier Thomas with Family Classics and the original Bozo show

Soft drinks in glass bottles
ice cream and soft drinks for a nickel
actual penny candy and bubble gum
pogo sticks, jacks and jumping rope outside
shag haircuts, go go boots, and bellbottoms
having to wear dresses or skirts to school
babysitting for 50 cents an hour and thinking your were making a mint

[B]I did ALL of these [/B]except the pink tape for bangs. I also babysat for 50 cents per hour. I saved the money and my first (really crummy) husband took the money from me.

Also, Best Part, I learned to knit and crochet.

We were taught to respect our elders and be honest. At least in my family we were taught how to not get into credit card debt.

In our town everyone went to church on Sunday morning. Not that we acted like Christians the rest of the week.

I was really into pogo sticks and hoola hoops. I did baton twirling and lots of bike riding. We played in the woods all the time.

Thanksgiving was a real feast, the whole table filled with wonderful food. We used linens, and we were all dressed up fancy too. How did they do it?

Omigosh YES! The pink tape! And Dippity-Do!

Sleeping in rollers with the pink taped tissue paper under my bangs.

Go-go boots! Yes! How about “The total look” where your top matched your hose? Argyle top, argyle tights! And fishnets! Beige fishnets.

“Peppermint Kiss” flavored lipstick and cover girl medicated make up:teehee:

Black liquid eyeliner and white lipstick.

Beatle haircuts and John lennon caps. Anything Mary Quant! Twiggy eyelashes drawn in under your own.

Canoe cologne: mens’ but the fad made it for girls. Later on “Charlie” was THE hip cologne.

Garter belts. Ugh!

This is fun! More,more!

I just turned 40 () but I grew up watching The Wonderful World of Disney. I wish they would bring them back, right now would be perfect with the writers strike!

I’m not quite 30, but it’s fun to hear about this stuff! :cool:

More things:

Wild Kingdom (also on sunday nights, I think)
And, Love’s Baby Soft perfume! Did they make the strawberry scent? I remember it smelled so wonderful, I tasted it once (yeah, I was a weird kid) - it DID NOT TASTE like strawberrys!!:slight_smile:
Marcia Brady hair - never had it, really wanted it!!!
And, Bonne Bell Lip Smackers - do they still make that?
This is fun - makes me smile!!

I also LOVED watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom!

All of the above how funny it is to remember what we did back in the day.
I also used the black liquid eye liner and blue eye shawdow:roflhard:. The best was dragging my dad to the beatles movie “A hard days night.” I never forgot that night I had a great Dad.

I had forgotten about making my mother sew the triangles of fabric into my bellbottoms to make them bigger! Leather wristbands, mood rings, huge sunglasses and BANDANAS!!

Deb, the triangles in bellbottoms made me think of the embroidered chambray shirts! This is a crafty crowd, I bet there were more than a few of us who did those!

Oh yes, how did I ever forget Dippity-Do and Bonne Bell?!

And how straight hair was SO important that curly hair seemed like a curse? Let me see if I can describe this “hair care” treatment my friends and I would use to get straight hair: We would lean over, brush all our hair down, put it into ponytails on top of our heads, wrap the ponytails around huge cleaned-out Hawaiian Punch cans, then cut the rubber bands and sleep with this contraption on our heads! It worked. I must have used this treatment nightly for a year!

And Twiggy, the first really skinny model. And do you remember Cybill Shepherd before Moonlighting, when she was a supermodel in Seventeen magazine?

I’m 28 so I don’t remember all of these things, but my mom does talk about Mystery Date occasinally and how she always wanted a Chatty Cathy (because her name is Kathy). One of Hallmark’s Christmas ornaments this year is a talking Chatty Cathy, so I had to buy that for her. It’s so cute.

I DO, however, remember having Love’s Baby Soft perfume. I got it in my Christmas stocking every year when I was younger.

(I also remember Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake, :aww: , for those people in my age bracket. Also, Teddy Ruxpin, Cricket the talking doll, Cabbage Patch Kids, slap bracelets, Electric Youth perfume, My Child baby dolls, watching the Smurfs and the Get-Along Gang every Saturday morning. I also remember watching Bozo on the Chicago tv channel. Inho, today’s Strawberry Shortcake just isn’t as cool as ours was. :teehee: )

Let’s see, Heaven Scent cologne (which you can still buy. I saw it last week in Walgreens)
I lived with my grandparents the last two years of high school and I would shorten my skirts and while I was at school, my grandfather would make my grandmother take the hem out! lol This went back and forth for two years.
How about Tiger Beat magazine! Everybody who was anybody read Tiger Beat.
TPing yards on Halloween (now you would get arrested for that!)
Your girlfriend piercing your ears using ice, an apple and a sewing needle, I remember my sister and I bought these circular earrings that were pointed that did it automatically. They were supposed to be painless though they took forever. You just tightened them after so many days, etc. I remember I got impatient and jammed mine through my ears! lol
The movie “Romeo and Juliet” where you got to see Len Whitings behind. How racy was that!
“To Sir with Love”
"Love Story"
The first Herbie movie
The original "Poseidon Adventure"
Do you remember dickies?

Dickies! :lol: I love it in Christmas Vacation when Randy Quaid has on a black dickie with a thin white sweater!! Too funny!!

Heaven Scent Perfume and self-piercing earrings! Haven’t thought about those for a while!! My ears were done by my sister with the needle and ice cube method! The first one went fine, but she had to chase me down to do the second one!! Yeeeow!

K I might be a little odd but I remember some things that weren’t already mentioned… Star Trek with Capt. Kirk and Spock and can’t forget Scotty. How about “Hogan’s Heroes” or “Green Acres” and can’t forget “electric co.” on the local pbs or “Sesame Street” before it got political. Or how about “He-man and She-ra” on Saturday morning cartoons. Tom & Jerry?? “Lost in Space”. “Billy Jack” movies? Hair bands? Jimi Hendrix? Charlie Pride? Redd Foxx?..O man I could go on n on n on…!!
Also did your prom look like a reenactment of “Little House on the Prairie”? from all the “Gunne Saxe” dresses all the “it” girls wore?:zombie: :roflhard: . O here’s one that relates to our knitting passions… McCall’s Needlework and Crafts. (the BIG ones)

OMG, this is hysterical…I’d thought I’d forgotten about this stuff! What fun!

How about Johnny Quest on Saturday mornings? Maxi skirts? Big pink foam curlers?
Having your parents holler at you to turn the channel on the TV because there were no remotes?
Only 5 channels on the TV (4, 5, 9, 41, and 62) and they all shut off at midnight? :passedout:
Sealing wax and seals for letters (my older sister and all her friends had these)?
Erector sets?
Midnight Special?
The song Seasons in the Sun by Terry somebody?
Denny Terio and Dance Fever?
Solid Gold Dancers?