Nosegay Doily

I started this doily and it took about a week to do. I worked on it in between my other wips of which there are a few. I couldn’t start the cal until I finished this doily as I had too much on my hands to add more. I do replace one finished with a new project. I have provided a link to the picture which is in my Ravelry project file.

Beautiful work, as you always do! Is that made with #10 thread???

That is gorgeous! :cheering: :cheering:

Absolutely wonderful!

The entire doily was made with Cebelia thread size ten. It is a symbol pattern with some written information to help with certain rounds. I got the pattern from a Decorative Crochet magazine. It is the first pattern in a long time that I didn’t change any of the directions except I changed colors. The entire doily was originally done in pink. There is more information in my Ravelry projects for the doily.
Thank you!!

WOW :yay: :yay: :yay:

Oh…that is just so gorgeous…I want to make a doily!

Thank you! Making doilies can be addictive!


That is very beautiful…I also love making doilies