Norweigan Cast On For Socks

Okay, I learned in another post that the Old Norweigan Cast On is the best for socks. Found a video telling & showing how to do. I have that much down but now I have a question.

In the video by she says that she will cast on over two needles for a stretchier cast on. Is this necessary for socks or would casting on over only the one needle be best? I just want to hug my leg & not slide down to my ankles anymore.:grrr:


The BEST? hardly! Best is subjective

But the norwegian cast on is an excellent stretchy cast on.

I never do a cast on over 2 needles.

some swear by it… but a long tail (standard or the Norwegian or other variation) has 2 parts.
(thumb/cast on and index/Row zero)

and if you make index (row 0) bigger (over 2 needles)
it does NOTHING for the cast on row (thumb made stitch)

a loose cast on is a result of not making the thumb yarn too tight when you snug up the stitches.

other good cast ons for socks (none are the BEST all are good!)include:
a tubular cast on
channel Island cast on
Long tail in knit and purl (1 x 1 or 2 X 2 or what ever ribbing pattern you plan to use)
other long tail variations
a picot cast on…

there are LOTS of ways to cast on (40 +) and no one cast on is the best.

I’ve never done the norwegian cast on, but I have done several pairs of socks. I have tried casting on over 2 needles, and I find it VERY difficult to do. Much easier- cast on to a bigger needle than is called for in the pattern, then knit onto the correct size needle from there. :slight_smile:

What of Troy says is correct, but I know that I have a problem with the tension of the loop on the needle (index row), so casting on over two helps me out when I knit row one. It just makes it less frustrating for me–probably because otherwise I’m a fairly loose knitter. But I learned this through trial and error and error and error and error! That’s what’s great about socks and scarves–they are good items to practice on–before you decide to knit something with a 400 stitch cast on.