Norweigan cast on for socks works!

Thanks for those of you who recommended using the Norweigan cast on for socks. I was having trouble with the top of the cuffs not hugging the leg, but gaping instead. They look so nice!

Once you get the finger gymnastics down as one poster said, it’s easy. Thanks!:woohoo:

Where is the information on doing that? I’d like to have a look. Thanks!

I did a google for N. cast on videos and found one that I could follow.

Hi! :waving:

This is a GREAT cast on. I first learned it from Amy’s video and the written out version in Ann Budd’s book, “Getting Started Knitting Socks”.

It’s PERFECT for casting on for socks and I now use it to cast on most everything.

I’d really recommend taking the time to learn it, ESPECIALLY if you’re doing socks!!!

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Ruthie :knitting:

I had to find one that had sound. I guess I need to use my ears to learn and my eyes.:teehee: I needed a different angle too.
Anyway, it’s awesome.

I am sooo :woot:happy to see that I am not the only one who had this problem. I have even gone back & run small sewing elastic through the top of my socks to keep them from gaping & sliding down my legs. I will have to look for this cast on. Getting ready to start another pair of socks.

Thanks for posting this & solving my problem too!:muah:

You will be impressed. Let us know what you think.

Okay, looked at the Amy’s video here & just couldn’t figure out the Norweigan Cast On without the sound. So I googled it & found one on UTube by the KnitWitch. I used some scrap yarn to get use to but still all thumbs so I put it down for now until I am finished with the fun fur scraves that I need to finish up before the end of the week.

I think I am going to like it once I figure it out. Will use it on the next pair of sock, hope to have otn by Friday, and report back to ya’ll.:thumbsup:

Okay ladies, I have a question for you now. I have finally figured out the Old Norweigan Cast On for socks. The video that I found suggestion casting on over two needles for a stretchier top.

What do you all do? Cast in over 1 needle or 2 needles? I would like to know which is better before I get going too far on the next set of socks. Also does this work with any type of sock yarn?

Thanks & Happy New Year. :balloons:

I just did one needle and had no problems. I have used it on all wool and bamboo/cotton and bamboo/wool and it worked well.

I use the cast on quite a bit. For socks I cast on over two needles and for a lace scarf that I’m working with lace weight on a sz. 5 needle I cast on over a sz. 5 and a sz. 3. I find the loops on the needle to be tight when you cast on, but the cast on is amazingly stretchy when it comes time to block out a scarf or pull on the socks.


I want to learn this co…I have checked out youtube and a few other sites…Where/how did you learn it? Thanks