Norwegin Purl

I have managed to do the Norwegin Purl stitch pretty easily but I have a problem. Sometimes on the next row the purl stitch seems to be on backwards. Am I yarning over the wrong way or what?

I know how to do a Norwegian Purl and, you are right, done correctly the next row should be on the needle the same as it is in English/American, or Continental knitting. Since you are just learning it may be you are sometimes not beginning with the yarn in back as it needs to be. If you sometimes have the yarn in front you may be just pushing the yarn through (like part of the Norwegian Purl) but it ends up like a Combined Purl stitch which is seated backwards.

There is a video about Norwegian Purl on this site at this page . Scroll down till you find it. Watch again and make sure you always have the yarn in back when you start. The Combined Purl is also shown on that page.

Here’s how I would describe it. Holding the working yarn in the left hand and keeping it behind the LH needle, run the RH needle tip under the working yarn and into the loop on the needle like you would any purl (into the loop so that needle tips are pointing toward each other with the RH needle tip moving right to left). Then you twist the RH needle tip to the right and reach over and pick up the working yarn from underneath (be sure you go clear over the working yarn and pick it up from the far side) and then bring it to the left and over the loop on the needle and push it left to right through the loop on the needle, sliding the loop off the LH needle.

I just discovered another way you could get the stitch seated the wrong way. Where I said above to be sure you go clear over the working yarn and pick it up from the far side…do you see where that part is? If you instead pick it up from the near side before you carry it the left and over the loop and push it through, it will end up seated the wrong way on the next row.

Watch whatever video you are using and pay attention to that part. Then as you work for a while use a lot of concentration on each step until your hands know where to go for sure and don’t stray in the wrong direction somewhere. :slight_smile: Good luck.