Norwegian Thumb Gore?

I was wandering about the Norwegian thumb gore. I’m thinking about sort of writing my own pattern to go along with a graph that I found on the internet but i think the pattern would look a lot better with a norwegian thumb gore than a regular gore.

So what I want to know is if there is a website explaining in detail of how to make a norwegian thumb.

By the way the graph I was talking about is here:

What’s a norwegian thumb gore?

I guess what I meant was gusset… maybe i’m not sure…

but anyways it’s a cross between a peasant thumb and a normal increased thumb

See this Website for more info…

as a side note there are directions on how to make this type or gore/gusset… in the book folk mittens… which obvious i do not have.

Oh yeah, gusset or gore, it’s adding sts for the wider part of the hand at the thumb joint. I’m afraid I don’t know which would be better.