Norwegian Purl Method

I hear this is a purl method where the yarn stays behind the work?

Is this right?

The two ‘tutorials’ I’ve found have both left a lot to be desired, and was hoping that someone can help me??

(I’m knitting continental btw)

Isn’t there a video here that shows that? I saw a weird one but it was cool.

It’s the only way I’ve been able to purl! I love it.


Looks a little fiddly, but would be easier on my fingers than the normal way :smiley:

ya, It’s weird looking. I may try it someday :wink: You’re welcome!

Once you get it, it’s really smooth and easy. It actually makes purling kind of fun. I’d like to take a project to a knitting circle near me just to see what everyone would think of my “exotic” purls. :rofling: