Norwegian Purl help

I’ve finally mastered the Norwegian purl stitch and I really like it, but it’s throwing my gauge off because it’s so loose. Does anyone have any advice on how to tighten it up? Should I go to smaller needles even though that’s going to throw my knit stitches off? Or is there a certain way to hold the yarn to control the tension? Any advice would be appreciated!


If you’re doing the N. purl, then I’m assuming you were doing the original continental purl before. I’m smiling because the continental purl gave my reverse stockinette horizonal gaps so I went to the Norwegian. Have you tried giving the yarn a little tug by lifting your index finger as you’re beginning your next stitch?

Good luck!

Thank you Viki. I’ll try it. I also think it may just be a matter of practicing the stitch. When I first learned continetal after learning English my gauge was far looser. It still is somewhat but it’s gotten closer to my gauge with English.