Norwegian knitting and steeks

I’m so excited, last night I started a class to make a Norwegian Sweater with steeks. My FIRST experience with two color knitting. By the end of the evening I was clicking away with a color on each finger like I’d bee doing it all my life. What FUN!

Can’t wait to get to the steeking!!:woot:

Well done for getting on so well. Look forward to seeing the finished object.

That is exciting. Gives me hope. lol I look forward to seeing the finished sweater.

What fun!! I’ve never gotten to take such a class but I wouldn’t pass up a good opportunity. I only made one small steeked project and my “class” was Ingrid’s Sticky Tread over in the “How-to Questions” folder. It does make you feel 80% smarter to do these cool things.

Ingrid’s sticky is great, I read through it before I started the class. You are right, it does make you feel smarter to do things like that!!!