Norwegian disaster

Oh you guys! PLEASE tell me there is someone I could pay to translate a pattern or two for me?!

It seems I only want to knit things available in Norwegian for my little boys :wink: definitely don’t want someone wasting time for no pay, but I’d love to have a contact who I could pay for translating when needed.

Thanks all!!!

There may well be someone here who is willing to translate. Be patient.
There’s also a Ravelry group, Excuse Me?, that helps to translate patterns. You might give them a try, too.

I’m trying to translate a pattern from Finnish, so I happened to be looking for translation forums this morning. Here’s the link to a Norwegian translating forum on Ravelry.

I hope you can find a translator. I have a book of Icelandic patterns, that I needed to translate.
since Im a horseperson, I came up with a cool idea. (I had a client who sent me some Icelandic horses a few years ago to break)

I sent a query to an Icelandic horse breeder in Ontario. they frequently have Icelandic trainers come to do demonstrations and clinics.

one of the trainers moms helped me out. how awesome is that!!