Norwegian continental purling

Hi everyone, I found that I just love continental knitting with a simple knit stitch but found it far too awkward for the purl stitch. I searched through many videos to see other methods that I could use in place of the continental purl and came across a video that was named Norwegian Purl. I watched it and tried the technique and found that it is almost as easy as a continental knit stitch. I just need to practice a bit more but seem to be able to do the stitch fairly easily. The hostess of the video is a continental knitter and seamlessly went between a knit and purl stitch. One does not even bring the yarn forward to knit! I do not know how to add the link but I am sure if you would like to search it just try to google “Norwegian Purl.” If anyone is interested and can’t find the clip I will try to figure out how to add a link.

Looks like this is one link:

It seams very compatible with continental knitting. Thanks for the idea.

Yes that is it thank you. I am practicing it now. The first row was very loose but as I practice it is getting much tighter. It seems much easier for me do do. I love the continental method as it is fast and puts very little strain on my hands. It was nice to find this video with the purl stitch so that I can continue to knit continental style.

There’s a norwegian purl video here at KH too.

I don’t know how I missed that. This video makes it look even easier!