Northeast US Oddball Baby Blankets


i’ll think about it. I wasn’t aware that everyone moved to ravelry. I used to be part of this group a couple of years ago…



It has been two years since the Northeast Oddball Knitters Group was founded, and it is time for me to step down from the organizing. Since our inception, we have completed [B]66 worsted weight[/B] blankets and [B]54 DK weight[/B] blankets - and there is no end in sight!

The fantastic MotherHenKnits and hamham have agreed to also take over the DK blanket side of our group :woohoo::woot::yay:, for as long as we all want to continue making the wonderful little treasures.
For the time being, I am happy to continue to collect the finished DK weight blankets and keep bringing them to the CHOP Special Delivery Unit, but if someone else wants to bring them elsewhere that would be terrific, too.

I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your creativity, dedication, hard work, dollars spent on supplies and postage, and countless hours spent knitting :knitting:and crocheting these little oddball tokens of love. They mean so very much to all of the recipients. :heart:

For now, I will continue to work on those blankets that are still in circulation, and will help out with knitting when I can. And I’ll continue to hound those who are holding onto our blankets, until they all come home!

Thank you for allowing me to have this wonderful opportunity. :grphug:


Thank you for being an amazing group leader, Spikey!
:heart: :muah: :heart:
You will be missed.


Spikey - Thanks so much for your efforts over the years! We all really appreciate all of your hard work.

Moving forward, hamham and I have come up with a plan to keep our group running smoothly:
[li]Hamham will update the completed blanket blog as needed and I’ll do monthly updates on the DK & WW blankets in progress blogs.[/li][li]Completed WW blankets will still go to hamham for delivery to Montefiore. Completed DK blankets will still go to spikey for delivery in Philly.[/li][*]New blankets will be started by whoever has the needles and we just ask that you print out the instruction sheet and add a card to sign. If you don’t have time to start a new blanket you can mail the needles to myself or hamham (just check with us first to make sure we’re able to).[/ol] I purchased 4 sets of needles yesterday to start new DK blankets but I’m waiting for the open spots to be filled on existing blankets before I put these in circulation. I’m so excited that we’re able to keep our group going and I look forward to all of the beautiful blankets we’ll create in the future!


[B]Starry Night[/B] is heading out to innature this morning. Photo and Delivery Confirmation # to follow.


[B][I]Yipes Stripes,[/I][/B] a new worsted weight Oddball blanket, was mailed out to Beepr this afternoon.

[B]Delivery Confirmation :[/B] 0310 1230 0000 8876 5662.

Happy knitting, Beepr!


[I]MotherHenKnits,[/I] these are the folks who have indicated an interest in knitting on [B][I]Northeast Rainbow III,[/I][/B] a new worsted weight Oddball blanket that I will start. As indicated in an earlier post, this blanket will be done entirely in garter stitch.

[B]Red[/B] - 1st knitter - gmmarton
[B]Orange[/B] - 2nd knitter - kellee0302
[B]Yellow[/B] - 3rd knitter - Beepr
[B]Green[/B] - 4th knitter - ramblinroo
[B]Blue[/B] - 5th knitter - innature
[B]Purple[/B] - 6th knitter - msbookie

Thanks, everyone!


I’ve started another worsted weight Oddball baby blanket. [B][I]Sweet Sunshine[/I][/B] will be done in shades of yellow.

The roster for this blanket so far includes:

[B][I]Sweet Sunshine[/I][/B] (worsted in shades of yellow)
gmmarton - working
4th spot open
5th spot open
6th spot open
border patrol open

Please send a message to MotherHenKnits if you would like to knit on this blanket.



[I]Sugarmagknowya,[/I] I received [B][I]An Apple a Day[/I][/B] yesterday afternoon. Thanks for the gift.

I’ll be knitting all day today because we are snowed in here in southern CT!



I have another day off from school due to snow and ice, so I’d like to start a new worsted weight baby blanket called [B][I]Gum Drops[/I][/B]. Though the name rings a bell to me, I don’t think we used [B][I]Gum Drops[/I][/B] before for a worsted weight blanket. I stand to be corrected, however, at which point [B][I]Gum Drops II[/I][/B] would be appropriate!

Anyway, the colors I’m thinking include: green, yellow, purple, black, orange and red. Gumdrops probably come in all different colors these days - these are the ones that I remember when I used to enjoy the flavor now and then.

I will probably begin my section using [I]Caron’s Simply Soft[/I] in the color Sage.

Any takers? Please make sure you PM [B]MotherHenKnits[/B] if you are interested.



I would like to make a [U]challenge[/U] to all the Oddball Blanket groups.

[B]Use my design ideas to knit two blankets for your group.[/B]

[B]Blanket 1: “GENIUS” :cool: [/B]
[B]Black, White, and Red[/B]

[B]Blanket 2: “SUPERHERO” :star: [/B]
[B]Comic Book Colors[/B]

I think it will be interesting to see what each group does with this!
I will make a new blog, showing the progress of the blankets. Be sure to post photos, which I can use to highlight the work for your regions!

When the blankets are complete, I will send an additional blanket (knit by me) to your region, for you to donate in your area. So, everyone will be a winner! :slight_smile:


Help, please. I am trying to sign up for Oddball Knitting in Northeast NY and can’t figure out how to get in contact. Best I could figure out is on this forum. But since I am a total novice in blogging and forums I really could use a hand.


Hello! Thanks for your interest in our charity knitting group! :slight_smile:

I just moved your post to the correct spot. This is the discussion thread for the Northeast Oddball Baby Blanket group. Suziehomemaker is the region leader, and will need information from you to get you started with the group. I will let her know to get in touch with you.


I just sent you a PM about joining the group. Welcome!