North west Iowa?

I’m fairly certain there ARE other knitters out here. xxx Somewhere. I just can’t find them. Especially other woman who don’t mind being around little ones. :happydancing:

Oh! I grew up in Lake View, about an hour west of Fort Dodge. Glad to see there is at least one Iowa knitter!

Not north central, but I’m in Iowa - Des Moines. Have a great knit shop I go to frequently, but wish I knew more knitters besides the gang there. :slight_smile:

East Central, but still Iowa…

Davenport here :O) 3 hours from you :O(

How have you all been doing with all of the rain? I keep thinking about everyone back home and sending prayers for less rain.

My gym is in Iowa,…but I live in Moline, IL. I’m across the river from Davenport…

omandy17, where do you buy yarn???

I’m in Geneseo, just a hop, skip and a jump from you. I’m into knitting socks at the moment. Just learned so I’m possessed!

I am in Storm Lake, IA. I just started knitting. I’m mainly just doing scarves right now because I’m not brave enough to venture in to hats or socks. I had a great knitting buddy that would help me out when I got stuck, but she moved away. :cry:


I am from outside of Atlanta, GA but my father’s family is from Storm Lake. I lived in Aurelia for my first 7 years. We were just back in Storm Lake in March for the funeral of my grandfather, He was 97 years old. I still have an Aunt & cousins there. Didn’t get a chance to see if you all had anything other than the Wal-Mart to find yarn at. It was toooo dang cold to venture out of the hotel we stayed at. The one on the lake with the indoor water park. Nice little town. You’ll have to tell me if there are any yarn stores there or close around. I am hoping to maybe get my husband out there to see where my side of the family came from. My grandparents were farmers there for many years.

I am also in Davenport!! :slight_smile: