North Florida Knitters

Hey gang, I’m looking for other knitters on the forum from the Northwest and North Florida area. Pensacola to Jackson…

Are there any of you out there?

Where are your favorite shops? I know of Faye’s in Tallahassee, The Yarn Garden in Fort Walton, but that’s about it.


I’m in Jacksonville & my LYS is A Stitch in Time. They just had a fabulous sale this past Saturday.

OH wow, what a nice shop. Glad to meet you Cozy.


I know this is an old thread, but if others search for Pensacola they might “need” this information :slight_smile: Pensacola has one yarn shop, King’s Sewing and Knitting on Creighton Road. She has a lovely selection of yarns and needles and patterns. It’s a small shop attached to a sewing machine sales and repair shop. It isn’t the friendliest yarn shop, but it’s all we have for now.

Oh wow! I can’t believe that Pensacola only has one store!

Thanks for the link to the Jacksonville store. We’re over that way quite a bit, so it might just come in handy.

I live somewhere in between Pensacola and Tallahassee, and we don’t have any dedicated yarn stores. Just your typical Michaels, Jo Ann’s, etc…

Hey! A Stitch In Time is one of my two LYS too! The other is KnitWitz… I go to this one more often though because it’s right near my parent’s and in-laws houses… plus it’s ALL knitting and spinning, unlike stitch in time which is mostly needlepoint and cross stitch, with yarn in the back. :???: