North central Ohio knitters attention!

LYS Love to Knit in Vermilion is going out of business! Everything is 30% off right now, books are buy one get one free and all patterns are $1.00. Unfortunately I was there today and did some major damage!!! It was great!!!

Hmmmm… I live just east of Canton. Off I go to google just how far away Vermillion is…

Ooooo… It’s just over an hour away. Just like driving to Cleveland. I’ll have to pick up my cousin on the way - she lives in Wooster. :slight_smile: Thanks!!!

Wow…your kidding me!!! I only need to jump on RT2 and I’ll be there in 5 minutes…Wonder what’s up? Thanks for the info!!!

Yes, you need to get over there. As of yesterday she still had a lot! I bought mostly Plymouth Encore and some sock yarn and patterns., two big bags full!!! I love the more expensive yarns, but since I knit so much for my grandchildren I have to have wash and wear!

Do you like “plymouth encore” I have some, fingering stuff it’s so thin…Why is she GOB? She is very active in the charity group I am involved in…does she have Jelli Beenz? (Plymouth) Thanks Hey, maybe we should get together and swap some stuff?? I have lots of inheritance (books, needles, yarns) crochet stuff too…

I think she had Jelli Beenz. I do like Plymouth Encore. Apparently she wants to spend more time with her grandchildren and her husband works at the Steel Mill in Lorain , in danger of losing his job and she thinks she may have to go back to nursing…
That would be nice to try and get together.

Ooh yeah, when I’m home I live like 15 mins from Vermilion. Get some good deals, but you should know about Smith’s Home Furnishings in Oberlin if you don’t already. I go there and it’s AMAZING :slight_smile:

Wow, never heard of it…Again, One more LYS I am 5minutes away from!!! Yea Thanks…