North Carolina Mountains


I can’t wait for the weekend! Why? Because we have Fall Break (like Spring Break but shorter, cooler and not as many new drunken tattoos!)

So I am planning on heading to the mountains to partake of autumn at its finest!! Turning leaves, apple cider, fireplaces, cozy sweaters, fungus hunting, mountain crafts, nature sounds… you name it, i’m looking forward to it! But i’m not going by myself - Nooo… One of my best friends from Middle School is coming down for a girlie weekend! Woohoo! Even better, this is the friend that i taught to knit when i visited her in Cincinnati in August. We’re planning on having a girlie knit-fest complete with mountain air and relaxation (and maybe a movie or a play thrown in for artistic measure).

Of course i think it would be fun to visit a few yarn shops and perhaps a spinning place (the mountains are a place for the waaaayyy crafty critters). [color=blue] Does anyone know of any good places that we shouldn’t miss???[/color] We’ll be staying near Blowing Rock but i’m not averse to driving places when the trees look this beautiful!

Oooh, i love autumn…


Ohhh I love autumn too. I’m in Charlotte, so I can’t help with what’s near the mountains, but it sounds like an amazing weekend. Perfect way to decompress from school. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this is near Asheville, but if I were ever to go back there, I would take a tour of that big mansion they have.

As a side note, my husbands has several relatives from Asheville. His step-brother was on the crew that built Andie McDowells house there. Presently, he is on the crew that is building the new HGTV house…hope that doesn’t stop me from entering the contest this year!


OOOH! Sounds LOVERLY! Have SO much fun!

Here are some lists of North Carolina yarn shops…

I’ve never been to Blowing Rock, but I live about 30 minutes outside of Asheville, and would definately recommend seeing the Biltmore house. A great place to stay while in Asheville is the Grove Park Inn. Also, a drive across the Blue Ridge Parkway is nice during fall…
It has just now started to cool down, but the leaves haven’t really started to change yet. Any day now, though. There is a great yarn store in Asheville, called Yarn Paradise

If you need any help with directions to Asheville, let me know.

HH…one of my former co-workers is the town manager of Blowing Rock…I have promised him a hat for the cold winters but haven’t had the opportunity to get to work on it yet…when I do get the hat finished, I plan to make my first trip there because I hear it is absolutely beautiful and has lots of neat shops…a yarn shop too…called Dee’s Knitting Nook…downtown!

We are in Mount Airy…about an hour and 45 minutes from BR…I’m sure you’ll see the sign on I-40 on your way to BR…Mt. Airy is located on Hwy 52 North and this weekend is the Autumn Leaves Festival…lots of craft vendors downtown Friday, Saturday and Sunday…I’m sure you’d love to stop by on your way to Blowing Rock :wink: Of course, turning off of I-40 would take you “out of the way” a bit, but around 100,000 tourists usually come to “Mayberry” during this particular festival. Pilot Mountain has a great yarn shop named Whispering Cedars…it’s where I learned the knit stitch…everything else I’ve basically learned HERE!! They just opened last November and are getting a greater selection of yarns now…Noro, Berrocco, Cascade, among others! There’s another great yarn shop in Elkin, NC named Circle of Friends…now, they have a spectacular collection of yarns, etc.!

I’m sure you’ll enjoy your trip to the NC mountains…the leaves aren’t as colorful as they will be in a week or so…but still… beautiful scenery!

Whatever you do, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the weekend :wink:


Oh it should be gorgeous this time of year!

I haven’t ever visited a knitting shop while I’ve been up there, but I can recommend a restaurant for you. If you want some awesome pork barbeque try Woodlands. It’s the best, and they also do takeout. A nice fancy restaurant is Twigs. Yummy, but a little pricey.

have fun!

Here’s the link my friend sent to me…he also suggested Storie Street Grill for lunch and The Best Cellar for dinner (the latter will probably require a reservation!


Thanks for the replies!

The days are counting down and i can’t wait!! Even with the trees only just beginning to turn there will be loads to see and do… i’m a total sucker for a mountain atmosphere.


Just curious…how was your trip?!! If you didn’t make it to the Autumn Leaves Festival in Mt. Airy, I posted a pic in my blog showing the crowd…an estimated 250,000 people were in town over the weekend :shock:

I hope you had a great time!


Oh I would have loved the festival. I always thought when life here is done, I would move to Virginia close enough to visit family in a day but far enough not be be included for every little mess. Then last year I went to a wedding in Greensboro and I loved the area. it was enchanting, all the scenery and mountains and the mild weather. We even bought 2 loveseats in the next town for a great bargain then the prices here in Naples.

Gah! I lived in Greenville, South Carolina for 3 months and I LOVED it. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. It’s a long story, but I hope you have fun! Think of me! sniff I LOVE the mountains. kicks a palmtree

Hello all!

Well, we had a WONDERFUL time in the mountains!! :happydance: It was nigh on ideal…

We stayed in Blowing Rock at this great little hotel just off of the main street. Perfect for walking around the town instead of driving - bonus! It was nice and quiet, the room was huge and the beds were INCREDIBLY comfortable!! And, it was directly across the street from a yarn store!! Unfortunately we were there Sun-Mon and they were closed both days!!! :verysad: Oh well, another reason to go back!

The trees were already full of color and the weather was absolutely PERFECT! Sunny, blue skies, warm in the sun, cool and clear at night… lovely! I’m sure this weekend will be the peak for the tree colors, but it was getting close.

The sole purpose for the weekend was relaxation and we did! We shopped for apples, cider, handmade fudge, wine and cheese. We ate at fantastic restaurants and spent the evening knitting at the cozy hotel.

Monday we drove down the Blue Ridge Parkway and just marvelled at all of the sites. Along the way we stopped and walked up to view Linville Falls and then had a picnic. We ended up getting off the Parkway at Asheville, had dinner at a fantastic Mediterranian place and then made our way back home. WONDERFUL :slight_smile:

My friend was here from Sat-Tues and when we weren’t in the mountains, we were going to a couple LYS and knitting. It was such a great girlie weekend and a great way for two old friends to reconnect and relax.

We never made it to Mt. Airy but i would have liked to have gone. I bet it was a lot of fun, Foothills!

Thanks for all the suggestions!