Hello:) ,
Does anyone have a ball of Noro silk garden that they do not want… my budget is very small since kids going back to school…I have seen this yarn and wanted to try it. I have seen people who love the colorways but say the yarn is not really soft or it has knots in it I would really like to try for my self…so if you have a ball and don’t really like it pm me please…Thanks for reading I know everyone is a little pinched for cash with gas and food prices…I would be willing to trade but all I have are acrylics :knitting:

I don’t have any for selling, but the colourways are gorgeous.

If you can’t find anyone here willing to sell, try ebay! I purchased my Noro on Ebay and got a great deal.

The yarn is definitely not very soft, and the knots -can- be problematic… but really the colours are often worth it. Once it is washed it isn’t quite as scratchy. As long as you don’t have any allergies or are especially sensitive it is bearable against the skin.

I always wanted Noro yarns too but gosh its soo expensive…Try your local classified sections in your local paper…

Good Luck. Let me know when you found it.

there was a sight in knitty forum about noro sale, was 4.00 a skein which is half price.