Noro vs Boku

Can anyone tell me if they have used these yarns. Are they the same or is one better.

What kind of patterns work with this yarn.


I’ve never used Boku so I have no idea what it’s like. As far as the Noro is concerned, I’ve only had contact with Kuryon and although the colors are beautiful it’s very rough. A friend of mine compared it to knitting with really pretty sandpaper. I won’t go that far but I won’t wear it next to my skin either.

I’d use the Noro for felted stuff.

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Nadja xxx

Noro softened up a LOT when it was Blocked
washed and rinsed very well

not to the buttery consistancey that I have come to expect (I M a MMMMMM brat now) but its very soft


I used both for different Booga Bags, and I preferred the Boku, both for striping and for the way it felt to work with. Noro is super-scratchy! And the Boku’s cheaper. For a visual, see here. The brownish one is Boku.

NORO makes yummy yarns, too…not just Kureyon. I have knit mostly with Silk Garden, Transitions, and IRO. Ebay yarn shops offer the best prices I have seen!

Yarnbow has 20 different types of NORO today.

Yarnela has 7 NORO types today.

Emtnestr has several listings for NORO Silk Garden.

I have purchased A LOT OF NORO from these ladies. Have been very happy with all.