Noro Sweater pattern question

I am knitting out of Noro Vol. 1 by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton…the sweater is knit in one piece (pg 40 for pattern). My question is, as I do my first increase on the sleeve do you change the pattern to accomodate the new increase…pattern reads k2,yo,sl 1 st, k1,psso, k2. So with the new increase do I k3 at the beginning and end of each row or do I continue with the k2?

I stopped by a local knitting store and the owner told me you can do both but you have to be consistent. With the increases, there are 22 new stitches by the time you reach the top of the sleeve. It really does not make sense to just knit all the new increases but the book is not clear…HELP, thanks!