Noro sweater, Booger bag, and ponchette

Here are a few FO’s. Unfortunately I gave the ponchette away today (and my mom, in classic mom fashion, said WHAT IS THIS THING?!!! - although I think once she tried it on, she liked it)

I think I have enough of the Noro left from the sweater to do a Sophie. I have another ponchette for my step mom in the making - I will be sure to post it, they are darling and so easy…

Absolutely gorgeous! That sweater is breathtaking!

I really like the colors on the bag! The sweater’s turning out great too! Btw, you’re dog is cute! :heart:

Both pieces are beautiful! I love the colors.

:smiley: Love them both…WTG :thumbsup:

Thanks! Cooper loves to be part of everything!

The sweater and Booga both look great – beautiful colors too!!

The bag colors did blend wonderfully! That sweater is stunning!

The bag is beautiful and it looks like it was fun to make!

I love the colors in the sweater! It looks so warm and snuggly! And the dog is a cutie! I love Labs! I want a chocolate one soooo bad!

Those colours have me drooling here… nearly enough to run over to Ram’s and spend the $ I’ve been saving for DH’s b-day pressie {b-day and 6th anniversary in 2½ weeks!}.

Fab sweater - what pattern did you use?

I used that colour of Noro for the York Zip up Ribbed cardi from Noro Knits - it is so comfy and snuggly and I absolutely love it. I’ve worn it a lot because although we’ve had a few baking hot days (up to 24C!) here in the UK it’s turned really chilly again over the last few days! Typical - I think we might have had our quota of sunshine for the year already!

So - don’t delay in getting it made up - you’ll be really glad you did! :wink:

LOOOVE that sweater!

I did McKee from the Noro Knits book:

I did it alot shorter (nobody who has had two children and weighs over 120 lbs should wear it that long and fitted) and did a mock turtle instead of a turtle.

Also, I did the neck circular rather than straight - I didnt want a seam on my neck.

VERY easy first sweater. I learned a ton. One of the things I learned, unfortunately, is how much I like Addi needles.

Both projects look great!! I LOVE all the Noro yarns. :happydance: