Noro spring/summer 2017 # 27 Sleeveless Top

Shaping the armhole:
The pattern states: On wrong side of the back place a removable marker at each end of the last row for beg of armhole. Am I putting a marker directly in the stitch itself? Then it says Work even in pat until armhole measures 71/2(8,81/2) above markers,ending with a WS row. Mark the center 44 (46,48) sts. The original cast on is 49 of one color and 49 of another color. How do I do this when it didn’t state to bind off yet?
The next section is labeled : Shape shoulder and neck. Then it tells you to bind off 4 sts at beg of next 8 (10, 12) rows, 3 sts at beg of next 6 (4,2) rows, AT THE SAME TIME, after 8 rows of the shoulder shaping have been worked, and then it goes the the neck shaping. I am assuming that AT THE SAME TIME means on either side of the work? HELP??? I never have done a sweater before and I am racking my brains to make sense of this.


Yes, put the markers in the end stitches. The marker will stay on that row and show you where the armholes begin. Use a removable stitch marker as the pattern suggests, a pin or scrap of waste yarn will work.

Put markers on the needle to mark off the center sts for your size. When you’ve worked the given number of rows for your size, begin the neck shaping at the markers for the center 44(46,48) sts. In other words the neck shaping occurs toward the center rather than the side edges.

You can either knit to the first marker, turn and work the neck shaping and continue with the one shoulder or you can knit to the marker, place the center sts on a holder and join a second ball of yarn to work the other shoulder and neck shaping. It depends on what the next pattern instructions are.