Noro Silk Garden Question

HEY ALL! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I have a quick question about Noro Silk Garden.
I am just about ready to wet block my piece, but am unsure if this is something I can do with this yarn. I checked the back of the label but everything is in Japanese :shrug: which I cannot read. IT DOES SAY dry clean, but it needs blocking. I checked out Yarndex and it looks like people have washed this in proper machines as well…
the fiber content is:
45% silk, 45% kid mohair and 10% lamb wool.
I thought I might be able to gently wet block this by using cold water to soak it in vs. warm :think: …ideas?

I have wet blocked silk garden with no problem at all.

I soaked in cool water and eucalan. Came out great.

You can use either warm or cold water to block, it’s not the temperature that felts yarn, it’s the agitation like a washing machine that does. Yes, people block this yarn, it softens it up some too.

i didnt know that about the temp. I thought that made a difference as well. Well, I feel better about going at it now… it’s a great yarn, but for some wierd reason there’s like bits of hay or something still in the yarn …thanks for the replies. I appreciate it and hope you all have a GREAT holiday season!!!

Yes, the Noro yarns are known for their `rustic’ bits of vegetable mattern in the yarn. You just pick them out.