Noro Prices?

I’ve heard so much about Noro knitting wool!! :heart: Is $8.50 for a 50 gram ball a lot to pay for this quality of yarn, :thinking: and what do you make with it??

(I don’t think I can afford it, but I might ask for some for my birthday or something!!) :happydance:

I’m interested in what people have to say, too. I’ve never paid that much for yarn, either. It had better clean the house while I’m not knitting it!!

And clean out the litter box too.

I wouldn’t want to knit with it after that! :shock:

I feel the same way ya’ll do…just waiting on the affirmative, i guess…not that there’s anything wrong with that…lol!!
2 of the lines in Noro are perfect for the entrelac wrap that I want to do in ‘Scarf Style’…but, it calls for 1215 yds…I just don’t think that I can do that!! But, that is less expensive than the yarn used in the book!

$8-9 is how much I have seen Noro. Maybe knitpicks will figure out how much knitters love this stuff and will come up with a cheaper alternative.

I am doing a sweater with it right now, was able to get it at 25% off from LYS because it was for a class project. Is it worth it? Well…I think it will be at the end, it will give a very unique look, but there may be other yarns out there, for less that will have the same result. Littleknits has some of the better on line prices that I have seen on it.

The most I’ve paid was 7 for Debbie Bliss alpaca silk, I think…I am really interested to hear from some more of the girls, esp. the Noro addicted folks about this topic as well.

the only Noro I’ve bought (and priced around) is Kureyon.
I love the colors and the effect. when felted it doesn’t shrink as much as Cascade 220 or Lamb’s Pride, but it gets reeeeeaaaally soft and squishy and snuggly. for me what makes it worthwhile are the colorways (the color combos w/in each colorway).

LYS has it for $8.50

I’ve seen it at another not-so-L YS for $9.50 :shock: charges $6.75
plus tax (I think) and shipping
takes less than a week to arrrive charges $6.59
plus shipping (I don’t think they charge tax)
takes about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks to arrive

hey there - i work in a yarn store in halifax, canada and we sell lots of noro (10/ cdn per ball). the kureyon is probably the most popular - there’s just nothing like if for the colour combinations. i would definitely treat yourself to at least a few balls - i knit the “sophie” bag with just 2 balls of kureyon (trimmed with some leftover brown sheep in black) and love it. so definitely put it on your wish list!

and check out some of the other noro offerings while you’re at it… pricey as well but gorgeous. they have a cashmere blend (cash iroha i think it’s called) that’s to die for. the problem with working in this great store (tangled skeins is the name for any local halifax/dartmouth folks who’ve yet to discover it!) is that it takes your knit addiction to the next level… so many incredible yarns out there.

anyway, i hope the noro fairy visits you soon! cheers!

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oh my - i had no idea that my posted picture would be so huge!!! so sorry!!! not sure how to edit my original post but i guess you can at least see the noro up close and personal!!! eek.

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Thanks everyone for your input. I think I’ll check out the littleknits place. The Sophie bag is a beaut!! :happydance:

Oh man that is a beautiful bag. And just 2 skeins? Amazing!!

oo, la, la beautiful colors