Noro kureyon

what site do you guys get your noro kureyon from? Do you know if Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnns or Hancocks or your lys carry it??? Also has anyone found it cheaper than $8.50. I really want to make the bogga bag, but don’t have $25.00 to spend on yarn. Also it looks like the dpn are only needed to puncture the bag for the icord handle, can’t I just use my denise needles for that? And one more question, it says to use bamboo needles, I dont care for those much, can I use my denise or do plastic needles affect the wool for the felting process? thanks

WEBS has Kureyon Overstock on sale for really good prices :yay: . It’s the cheapest I’ve seen in a while. They also have Silk Garden on sale - both yarns felt wonderfully! Also, as long as you knit with a loose gauge, it doesn’t matter what kind of needles you use. Just remember - Kureyon takes a while to felt - keep at it and it will happen…
Good Luck :thumbsup:
Karen W.

how many skeins for a big booga bag? thats a good price on noro

3 skeins…pattern on kh pattern page

That bag is so cute and the yarn is just beautiful. I really want to make that bag. Wonder how hard it would be for a beginner. :oo:

I’m a beginner & it doesnt look that hard…besides if there are any mistakes they probably wont show b/c it will be felted. I’m gonna try it as my next project.
wonder if any 100%wool yarn would work?