Noro Kureyon yarn, and good sales?

I see online it’s about 8.50 for a 50gm skein. Does anyone know if I can find it cheaper? I love the stuff, but yikes, it would cost me about 40 bucks to make a purse for myself.

Have you tried ebay? I bought six skeins for 27.50

Wool Needle Work has it for $6.99/ball.

Woolneedlework has always been my preferred source for kureyon.

I got 10 skeins on ebay for $46.99.

I had to travel twenty-six miles to see Noro yarn. Actually made the trip just for that, and a drive, but I have to tell you that although the colors are beautiful, the feel of it was really disappointing. Does it get softer after washing and blocking? The folks at the store had never knit with it.:???:

I think little knits has Kureon on sale for $5.95 in selected colors.

That’s interesting about the softness. I see it used a lot in sweaters. I’d like to see the answer to this one.

Thanks for the links. I knew you guys could point me in a cheaper way.:thumbsup: I never did think of ebay and never heard of the other websites.

I have only used it for a couple of purses, and would not think of a sweater. Just too scratchy