Noro Kureyon yarn and felting

Does it felt ok? I just love:inlove: this yarn and would like to make a bag for my teen daughter. If she doesn’t like it, I’ll use it.:wink:

with this pattern

Would it work? I’m still learning how to put yarn and patterns together.:aww:

I’ve used Noro Kureyon for two felted purses and it felted well. I should have checked it for size earlier because it was smaller than I would have liked. (Where I live now, most things felt very quickly in warm, soapy water - less than 5 minutes)


Yes, that does help. It looks so vibrant and pretty. I never knew I’d be so excited about yarn. I won’t mention the word addicted.:aww: :teehee:

Yes, NORO will felt… and there are many knitted patterns for felting with NORO out there.

A basic guideline… if a wool yarn’s label says: MACHINE WASH/DRY… it won’t felt… since, it’s been treated not to shrink.

Otherwise, most other natural fibers (wools/etc.) will all felt… some more than others… some become really fuzzy/hairy when felted… that’s part of the magic and fun of felting… its always a new adventure. You can even combine a non-felting yarn w/ a felting yarn to get a different effect too.

Hi All,

This is my first message to the group - I’m a ‘Blog Newbie Technobabe’

So much fun to hear about felting. I’m hanging in there with you guys to hear more. I can’t wait to try felting.



Welcome Kathleen. If you search the forum for felting you should find other threads about the technique as well as links to patterns, yarns, etc.

Thanks for the idea of using felting and non felting wools together. I need to try that.
Welcome Kathleen. Felting is really fun and I have to say addicting. It’s fun to see how things turn out. :mrgreen: