Noro Kureyon Sale!

$6.00 per skein:

Sale ends Sunday.

:shock: :crying: I am waaaay over my yarn allowance this month!

Me too :frowning:

It is such a good price though! However, I’m resisting.

WOW! Great price!! :drooling:

Webs is awesome, by the way. Great prices! I get more yarn from them than from Knitpicks. FYI, if you spend $60 on yarn, you get 20% off your order. :wink:

:rofling: but honey if i spend $20 more i can save $12!!! :roflhard:

They are great. The discount helps so much if you can get to 60…it’s 25% if you can make it to $120 without having your credit card explode!

OH NO!!! A yarn site I didn’t know about WITH GREAT PRICES! EEP!!!

This is not a particularly “pretty” site, but their prices are awesome. Their regular price for Kureyon is 6.49, Silk Garden is 7.49 (I paid $11.50 at the LYS) and that Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk that I’m short for my scarf is 6.29 (paid $10.95 at the LYS).

This isn’t the prettiest site, but they have GREAT prices. Their regular price for Kureyon is $6.49, Silk Garden is 7.59 (paid 11.50 at the LYS) and that Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk I’m short for my scarf is 6.29 (Paid 10.95 at the LYS and the LYS isn’t carrying it anymore now!)

:fingerwag: just say no!!


[color=red]now you know i am gonna get some!!![/color][/size] :twisted:

woolneedlework does have great prices on Kuryeon all the time. I’ve ordered from them before and had actually just gotton some Kuryeon from them! I wish I had know they were going to be on sale at, but their prices are still good.

Kempy, you are the QUEEN of sales!!

[size=2](Any advice on how I can pay less than :shock: 45 bucks :shock: for a Victoria’s Secret Ipex bra???)[/size]

I know! I sooooooooooooo want that bra too but I havne’t been willing to spend the $$$.

I get a lot of sale email so I just try to pass on the info. Not that I’m enabling or anything!

Just noticed your avatar…is that HOWIE!!!

amy, thanks for that info. I had wondered them.

Yes. Don’t buy it. All bras look the same hanging from the ceiling fan in the bedroom, right?

Whew… I think I’ve finally decided which Noro yarn to get! I’ve wanted some Noro yarn even before I learned to knit!

I’m getting 3 skeins each of two different colors (#40 and #159). Don’t know what I’ll do with them yet, but I can’t wait to explore the possibilities! :slight_smile: