Noro Kureyon Colour Repeats

Hi all! I am new to this forum. I have searched but could not find the answer to “How long are the colour repeats in Noro Kureyon skeins?” I would like to knit a floor cushion cover 60 cm/24 inches square using only 1 colour way and do not want the colours to be “muddled” meaning I would like bands of colours to show. Would the colour repeat lengths be the same for Silk Garden? Thanks.

Welcome to the forum!
I looked online and found reference to Noro Kureyon repeat lengths. Apparently they are about 10 yards long with 3-5 yards overlap in the merge between changes.

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You can also go to Ravelry and look under Category: Blankets, yarn: Noro Kureyon.(very few rugs but tons of blanket projects). Look at some of the projects (you can even add the colorway to your search).

Thank you very much, salmonquad, for the information. Appreciate the quick reply.