Noro Kochoran questions/dye lot

My secret pal sent me a hank of Noro Kochoran and I want to use if for the “my so called scarf” by I don’t have enough–do you guys think that a different dye lot would be very obvious or should I call the yarn store my buddy bought it from and try to get them to ship me another hank of the same dye lot? It’s such a beautiful varigated yarn–I don’t want my scarf to look wonky but I think this yarn would be a great choice for that pattern.

I’m not sure I would worry about the dye lot too much…Noro’s colors are so variegated anyway that I’m not sure you would notice much of a change from one dye lot to the next. You could always rotate skeins every couple of rows too, but you might end up with a totally different color pattern than usual.

I used Noro silk garden for the scarf below and as you can see there is so much color variation even within the same dye lot.

Thanks Kemp–that’s my thoughts too but my pal suggested I post the question here to see what everyone had to say…

Kemp–I love the stitch in Janescarf! Can you share the pattern?

Thanks Susan! It’s a scarf I designed for South West Trading Company. You can find it in their patterns section under “The Jane Scarf”