Noro Garden Silk Solo - Cardigan

I finished my very first top down, knit with circular needles cardigan. After wet blocking, the fabric is soft and pliable and really, really lovely, even if I say so myself. I’m pleased as punch. The pattern is Knitting Pure and Simple V Neck Neck Down Cardigan I will definitely make this again!



Well done! The cardigan is perfect and looks beautiful on you.

Very pretty!

/thank you, salmonmac! After wet blocking (which I was concerned about doing because the label on the yarn indicated 'no water") the fabric softened considerably and I was able to lengthen the sleeves to perfection.

Thank you, okckwilter!

Blocking worked very well. (I’m surprised at the “no water”. I’ve hand washed silk garden sweaters and shawls several times without a problem. )

Well done. Looks great.
It’s a lovely feeling to finish a project isn’t it.

It absolutely is!

Beautiful cardigan on you! Nice achievement! Congratulations! :wink:

Thank you, Giulietta1! It was fun to knit, watching the fabric blossom into its own random rainbow and knitting a cardigan on circular needles eliminated the need to seam, which was a real plus for me.

Looks lovely - love the turquoise buttons.


Thank you - I had originally purchased lovely abalone shell buttons but when I tried them out after making the buttonholes, they were too big and somewhat sharp edged. I was concerned that with actual use, the buttons would wear through the yarn at the edges of the buttonhole. When I returned to my local yarn shop, I searched for the perfect solution and was delighted with the result. The moral to the story is: either be certain of the size of the buttonhole or wait until you’ve finished to select the button!