Norma Blanket for an impending grandson

This is the Norma blanket from Yes, I actually used a pattern. Please, don’t faint! :roflhard:

:thumbsup: That’s beautiful. :heart: What a great way to welcome a new grandson!!!

You used a [I]what?[/I] Please stand by while I pick myself up off the floor.
OK, I think I’m recovered. What pattern are you using?

It’s Norma, from

Thanks for the link. That’s interesting and very new to me. A blanket worked in the round. I must try it.

When is baby due?

Due the third week of February, 2013. He already has a name. Tobias Tysinger Beard (Toby)
Tysinger is a family name on my son-in-law’s side. This lil’ guy will be my 7th grandchild, my daughter’s third, and her husband’s first. He’s a first grandchild for his paternal side.

Congratulations on the upcoming new addition to the family! Toby certainly will feel welcome with this lovely blanket. Which yarn did you use for it?

How lovely. You obviously had a stroke because you said you used a pattern! :wink: Congrats on the soon to be new arrival. Love him all you can.

That’s really pretty!

What yarn and color did you use? It looks like a great color for a boy. Congratulations!

[B]WOW! It’s beautiful![/B] And thanks for linking us to the pattern!

I used this onePakucho Organic CottonMom & Dad have decided we’re only using organic, undyed cotton next to baby’s skin. We have a lot of allergy people in the family, and we’ve learned our lesson to not take chances. I don’t blame them!!

what a pretty pattern. Congratulations!