Nora's Sweater

Have any of you started this sweater? It is in the latest Interweave KNITS magazine.

I figure Artlady probably will if she hasn’t already.

I am seriously thinking about it. I believe I have enough Alpaca/Merino blend to make it. The draw back though is the yarn is black. Black is my favorite color next to red, but it is so hard for me to see my work unless I’m outside or under an OTT light. I’d love to do it in another color, but I can’t afford the extra cost just now with Christmas so near.

Nora’s sweater though just jumped off the page at me. It’s been a long time since a pattern caught my attention that fast.

I’m hoping to start it after the holidays. Want to use the same exact yarn they did, in the same color. I find black too difficult to work with when the pattern is detailed.

I moved the post because it was in the wrong forum. What’cha Knittin’ is just for finished objects (FO) or works in progress (WIP). :wink: