Nora Waist coat Knitting Pattern Missing instructions

I just completed knitting the back, left & right fronts + borders.
However I am a bit confused with the knitting instructions for the armhole borders. Some steps seem to be missing. There is no mention about sewing the main pieces. Should this be done before knitting the armhole borders. I am now stuck :frowning:

I would appreciate to receive some clarification so that I can complete this knitting project.
Thanks very much in advance


Maybe this one? There are a couple of Noro waistcoats on the Lovecrafts site.

If it’s this one, there are directions to join the shoulder seam under the Right Front Border directions. At any rate, join the shoulders at the seams, follow the directions under Armhole Borders and once the borders are finished, join the side seams (see To Complete).
It does seem odd that the directions are so scattered but there you go.
If it’s not this pattern, just let us know.

Yes this is the pattern. I didn’t notice the instruction about joining the should seam under the Right Front Border direction.:slight_smile: Thank you so much, I can not continue the knitting. :slight_smile:

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