I am finally back at home again. I had a lot of extra stuff to unload from the truck as I am taking the summer stuff (shorts, etc.) out of the truck as that season is pretty much over.

When I got home I kicked back in my recliner to relax and decided to work on my scarf for a bit. Oh no! In all the bustle I forgot to grab the backpack containing my WIP! I have my knitting bag, and the canvas tote containing my stash, but the scarf is still back in the truck.


I’ll have to bum a ride back out to the truck tomorrow and grab that backpack. I want to get the scarf finished while I’m home and start on the hat.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid…

I think you are showing amazing self control by not jumping up and running to get it right now. Or at the very list running to by more yarn so that you have something to do.:teehee:

I thought you were going to say you had lost it. I was going to cry.

Me too:shock:. I thought you were going to say that you left it at a truck stop or something:thud:.

Oh that would be terrible! Thankfully I’m not quite that absent minded. Close, but not quite.

I would run back to get it now but really don’t want to impose on my ride again so soon after coming to get me from the truck. I called him (step father) and asked if he’d run me back out there tomorrow. He said he’d be glad to (I knew he would).

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking! Thank goodness you can get it tomorrow! How long will you be home before you have to leave again?

I’ll be staying home for a week.

a whole week, of free time?!?!?!?
Time to start a sweater


That’s what I thought too, phew, now you just have to boot it to retrieve your bag.

I was thinking either you lost it or someone spilled something else on it :teehee:…I’m glad you have a ride back over tomorrow…

Mason, you shouldn’t scare us girls like that :teehee:! I thought you lost it or it got all frogged… Enjoy your week off and do lots of knitting, we want FO :poke:!


I think you are at the point where you need to have more than one project OTN.

You could have an “at home” project and an “on the road” project.

That would keep you from having knitting emergencies like this one.

Hope you and your scarf are reunited soon.


I’ll be going to retrieve it from the truck shortly, and then I should be able to finish the thing pretty soon as it’s almost there now.

I’m looking forward to starting the hat. As I don’t have a short enough cable I’ll just use a long one and do ML.

Just got back from retrieving my WIP. Also stopped and picked up some groceries, seventy bucks worth :passedout:)

All is right with the world again.

Now I can stop worrying for you!:wink:

Glad you got it back :blooby:

:cheering: Knit on, Mason, knit on.