NoOne is Safe

since ive decided to learn to knit… no one is safe from my pratice projects not even Kitty! lol


What a cute Kitty!!! The hat looks very good on her!

lol she runs when she sees it… i think thats a bad sign lmao lol

How cute! I’m doing a tiny practice hat before I attempt a real one for my husband–this would be a great use for it! Though I’m not sure my kitties would be so cooperative.

Our cats are the unwitting victims of our experiments a lot, aren’t they? See below (trying to attach photo) of our cat modeling the crocheted “ear warmers” my 10 y/o daughter made her last week. :smiley:

Ack! I wonder why my picture came out so HUUUUUGE on here? lol

Ohhhh, what a sweetie! Nice to see a big picture of her. Love the hat. :slight_smile:

Welcome Mer!

Yvonne, what a great pic! The “ear warmers” are a riot. Kudos to your daughter. :wink:

Wait 'till RoxyQ sees this thread. (Major cat-lover.) :slight_smile:

Both of these are just [color=blue][size=6]TOO CUTE[/size][/color]!!! :smiley:

I can’t stop smiling …
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

LMAO!! hehehehe that is to cute!! lol…now for a matching tail warmer lol :lol:

Tail Warmer ?!? What a wonderful idea!!! he.he.he :twisted:

[color=violet]ekgheiy rubs her hands while grinning at her yarn stash[/color]

I’ll tell my cats that it was your idea … :lol:

I don’t know if she’ll accept a tail warmer; the ear warmers have been dragged under the futon (by the cat) on the patio, I think in hopes that we’ll forget about them and not put them on her.
A few years ago I made a silly, pink, ruffly, Elizabethan-style collar for her and she wore that and loved it. She strutted around in that. She was stylin’. :smiley:

My cats are next! Great pictures :slight_smile:

Both are very cute! And a 10 year old knitter? WOW! Kudos to her.

BTW, those cats look miserable!!!

I’m dying to try the pet pillows I’ve seen in Vogue Knitting and Knit 1.