Noob Help! Not quite sure what the following means...

First of all, this is from the “Christmoose the Reindeer” reindeer toy pattern from Woman’s Weekly Knitting, which I can’t link to because you have to sign up to get the pattern. For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to copy the text from the pattern exactly below.

“Cast on 16 sts. P1 row.
1st inc row: [inc in next st, k1] to end. P1 row. Work 1st inc. row - 36 st. P1 row”

Okay, so after the cast-on and the purl row, for the next row I just knitted one stitch, made a new stitch, and knitted a new stitch, repeatedly, until the end of the row. This took forever bc the stitching became extremely tight with all of the increases (even after i allocated generously for this) and made me worried that I was doing something wrong. This gave me a row with 32 stitches.

Then I get to “Work 1st inc row” and I’m completely lost. How does this end up giving me 36 stitches? What exactly does “Work 1st inc row” mean in laymen’s terms because google can’t seem to give me a direct answer and my wild guessing isn’t helping?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Is that the way it’s written? Because that is multiple rows and is hard to read. Here’s the way I think they mean it and as it should be written-

  1. Cast on 16
  2. purl 1 row
  3. [Inc in first stitch, k1] to end of row
  4. purl row
  5. Repeat increase row in #3. (36 sts)
  6. purl row

Also…do they tell you what increase to use? Generally when it says to increase IN stitch they mean KFB. You’re adding stitches with each increase that’s how you end up with 36. I’m going to tag @salmonmac to see if she sees this the same way I do so I don’t steer you wrong.

That’s the way I read it too. It’s much clearer the way Jan has written in out. And I agree about the kind of increase that you need to do, a kfb or similar type. If you’re lifting the bar between sts, then that’s the problem. Try the knit front and back as Jan suggested.

After the first inc row, you should have 24sts and after the second inc row, 36 sts.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out! I followed your advice and it’s coming along nicely :slight_smile: