Nonna's Garden Shawl

Hi everyone…just got my new issue of Knit Picks…Nonna’s Shawl is gorg…Looks like alot of work, anyone working on that? If so, how is that fringe done? After the fact? How? Thanks
Wow, that sure is pretty! I haven’t gotten a new catalog yet, so I had to pop over to the website to look for it.

The fringe is probably tied on after the shawl is finished.

there’s a pod cast at the website that talks about the shawl. And a link to the designer’s website.

Very pretty!!

I think it is a WORK OF ART! [COLOR=Black][B]Like a Monet![/B][/COLOR]

I find it to be [I]VERY TEMPTING…[/I] but I suck at stranding/Fair Isle knitting! :pout:

There couldn’t be a more beautiful shawl than this!
Well worth the money and time spent!

I thought it was beautiful when I got the catalog. it’s actually Intarsia not Fair Isle and shouldn’t be too difficult. Would LOVE to try it but have so many projects “on the list”.

Thanks for all the replies…what “caught” my eye on this is I own(inherited) a beautiful knitted wrap similiar too this…(crafted by my dear greatly missed neighbor/teacher), but I still can’t figure out the fringe part and I can’t get my computer to watch the “podcast”…any thoughts? Maybe I’ll post of pic of my poncho…thanks all

After looking at some of the photos people posted in progress on Ravelry I ran screaming in the other direction!

It IS gorgeous, but all those bobbins and untangling of said bobbins and markers… :zombie:
Here’s a tut how to tie the fringe.

Oh, that’s good to know. I suck at anything that requires carrying a yarn from place to place. I think Fair Isle requires carrying the resting yarn from one place to another so it’s ready to be used at another site.

Intarsia, I can do. I think that’s just dropping one color and picking up another, using the ‘wrap’ to prevent holes, and picking up another color. But if it ever required ‘carrying’ a yarn in the back of the work (stranding)…:eyes:…not my bag!

This knitter and this knitter have great “yarn management” techniques! I sure learned something from these two gals. Both ladies are using different ‘aids’…but they are both brilliant!

I think ‘yarn management’ is THE SINGLE THING that is KILLING the joy for the Nonna shawl knitters! The ‘tangled mess’. I haven’t read any moans and groans about the actual pattern itself!

Another thing I read: one knitter ran out of a particular color and KnitPicks is sending her a FREE SKEIN of that color! Now isn’t that just the best Customer Service you ever saw??!! :thumbsup:

Jan, thanks for pointing out the COMMENTS for the shawl!
I didn’t even think of checking Rav experiences!

I don’t know… Fair Isle usually only has 2 colors in a row, much easier to carry two colors than all those bobbins!!! I’m going to head over to ravelry and see what folks have done but I do think all those bobbins would be a bit mind boggling even if the knitting is easy!!!

:muah: :muah: thank you

ummm, maybe we should all “pitch in” and find a volunteer to knit it???