Noni pattern: working separate flaps

Been knitting Raspberry Liqueur pattern. This is a bag purse with a snap purse frame sown in from knitted flaps. Knitting in the round with 4 “sides” and almost done after binding off stitches on short sides and how have to work flaps. I can’t figure this out.

Flaps: Round 37 *bind off 4 stitches, k24 repeat from * for remaining sides. Okay got that - now…
Working each side separately, work 14 rows in stockinette. I should end up with two flaps that I fold over metal frame.

How do I work separately when it’s circular!! My brain is fried. I appreciate any help and thank you.

Is this your pattern?

It sounds complicated but it’s not. You’ll need two ends of yarn, either separate balls or the outside and inside ends of the same ball. Knit 24 after the bind off 4. Bind off 4 more and knit the next set of 24. Attach the new yarn end on the first 24 stitches and knit them. The trickiest part will be making sure you drop the yarn for one set of 24 before moving to the next set and knitting with the other yarn. This video shows changing yarn for the different pieces. She’s working two different pieces in the round but the idea is the same.

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This is the pattern. Thank you for the quick response. I went to bed thinking what you have provided must be the only way but seems too simple. You saved my sanity. Thank you so much.

You’re welcome. I’m glad your sanity was saved. Got enough to share with me? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With your help I finished the knit portion yesterday. Now I will need to felt. Made this purse 10 years ago for my sister (in the pink) and she loves it and receives compliments. She wanted another and so after 10 years I promised her one (in gray) this time for her birthday. The pattern is not that difficult just a few techniques I don’t use except for this pattern. It can be done within a couple of days. Thanks for responding it was great.