Noni Long Weekend Adventure Bag

When knitting the Long Weekend Adventure Bag by Noni, you work in the round for 90 rows. Then on the 91st round you K11; Kf&b in the next 6 sts; K11. Repeat for the opposite short end. In the next round, K11, then put one half of each of the 6 double-stitches on a holder to the outside of the bag like this: Kl, put 1 on a holder, K11. Repeat on opposite short end. Continue untl you have completed 96 rounds total.
BO all sts except those on the holder.
Move the 6 sts from the holder to a double-pointed needle, join a new double strand, and work in St st with the RS facing out for 2 rows. Then increase to 8 stitches as follows: K1, m1, K4;m1, k1.

I believe that I have completed the above knitting correctly.

This is the part that I don’t understand:
Put the first and last two stitches on one needle and the middle four on another. Work the 8-st tab in the round on two needles for a total of 12 rows from the start of the tab to the finish. BO.

How do I start knitting when my yarn is in between stitches?
Any help would be appreciated.

I’m assuming that the yarn is between the first and last stitches?

I honestly wouldn’t worry about it too much. Let the yarn go behind the second stitch, or you could knit the second stitch onto the needle with the first one instead of slipping it.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will give it a try.
Happy knitting and thanks so much.