Noni Bag

Hey, has anyone here knitted any of the NONI bags? They’re felted bags and have purchased handles and usually have knitted/felted flowers adorning them. They’re gorgeous!!!

I haven’t seen any patterns locally, just on the internet. I googled it and Yarnzilla carries them.

I would love to hear from you if you’ve made one. Thanks!

I’ve never made these but I wanted to let you know that Kemp, a member of this forum, also has these available in her store,Diva Knitting.

Some of those Noni bags are really beautiful. I loved the green striped one and the red one on the bottom of the page. Like the handles too. Thanks for sharing.

So have you decided if you’ll make one?? Good luck :XX: :XX:

I’ve not yet made one, but they are GORGEOUS! Kemp’s store, is starting to carry the patterns, u can see them there :thumbsup: