Noni Adventure Bag Question

I am not sure how to make an 8 stitch I-cord. The directions say to put the first two and last two stitches of the 8-stitch I-cord on one needle and the middle four on another. Work the 8 stitch I-cord on two needles… . This makes no sense to me. Please advise, I am going nuts over this one… !!! :slight_smile:

My first thought was that 8 stitches seemed an aweful lot for an i-cord.

You’ll need to use 3 dbl pt needles. Then do just as they say - cast on 8 onto one needle. Then slide the first 2 onto one end of a 2nd needle, then slide the last 2 onto the other end of the same needle. You’re sort of really knitting circular.

I think I would find it easier to use 2 circluar needles so the back one would be flexible, easier to knit the front one.