Non-use of pattern rant

so i’m making this bag for my mom, using an idea i got from a sample bag i saw in a YS a few months ago. well, being clueless, i picked up like 20 extra stitchs while switching yarns, thinking that the second yarn was going to be thinner than the first yarn i used, which it wasnt so it ended up fanning out wayy to big, and then so when i switched to the ribbon yarn after that, i decreased by like 10 stitchs, being completely dumb, so now it’s like a HUGE decrease on each side and looks retarded. and i dont want to frog it because i already cut the yarn off when i switched and i’d just be wasting what i used.

i think next time i should just stick to patterns, and not try to free-form my own stuff. or at least try it first, instead of jumping right into the project. :wall::wall:

okay i’m done. thanks for listening.

I can understand your not wanting to frog back that far but this seems totally fixable and I think you’ll be able to use the same yarn again. From what I understand, you picked up extra stitches switching yarns. So if you go back to where you started the second color and are very careful to not add stitches, you’ll actually be using less yarn the second time. Then you’ll just knit up and switch to the ribbon yarn. Without seeing it, this seems like it would work.

I agree with kbagel, all is not lost. You won’t have any problem running out of yarn, you will just join and weave in the end. Only you will know.

As everyone reminds me every time I am here bawling about my latest frog, you are getting more knitting for your money!

(And this experience will remind you to check your gauge next time instead of eyeballing. I get in more trouble by eyeballing things, I can’t tell you all the things I’ve frogged).