Non Traditional Baby Items

Ok, so my very best friend from college is having a baby. (among 2 of my cousins… oy that’s alot of knitting)

I am MOST excited to knit for her tho because she is VERY VERY VERY un traditional and weird. So aside from using bright colours instead of pastels, I am looking for any baby knits that may fit the criteria.

She loves, Aliens, Robots, and Star Wars, as well as Simpson’s and Futurama. We have already agreed she needs an alien shirt or hat for the baby, so I was hoping someone here would know where to look for these.

I think this will be a good chance for me to learn intarsia!


I know that Mario wasn’t on your list of her likes, but I couldn’t help but share this. It is definitely one of my favorite baby blankets.

Kimbery Chapman’s website has tons of kinda offbeat kid toys (along with some traditional blankets/hats/etc)

Sputnik, Parrot, Vegetables, DNA, snakes, worms, ring stackers, finger puppets etc- One of these days I’ll be brave enough to try the DNA toy.

Thanks so much, those links are great.

ADAllen - I only skimmed her interests, I assure you she would get a kick out of mario something.

Here are some cute, but unusual baby items.



What fun themes to knit for a baby!

SnB has an “alien illusion” scarf that you might be able to use the chart from to make a sweater. It’s pretty cool!

Here is a page with some Star Wars charts on it that you might be able to make into something.

That Mario blanket is just too cute!!! :inlove: I am constantly blown away by people’s creativity and skill–it’s amazing!

You guys are awesome, these are some great items. I am so hoping (and convinced) she is having a little boy. Tho she won’t know for few weeks. (so far I have predicted the other 2 babies, so I am hoping I got this one right)

She would LOOOOVE an R2D2 sweater for the baby.

I found an alien chart for a dishcloth, and I think I am gonna knit a bright coloured dishcloth blanket.

So picture like 5 different colours, bright colours, with a different colour alien face in each square, knit together… Cait would adore it.

She was laughing last night about if she had a C-sec she would tell people she was inhabited by an alien that burst from her and then impregnated her.

I also found some great stuffed toy knits, of robots and aliens. very cute.