Non-skid for socks or slippers

I am knitting a pair of Pumin (pumpkin for those that don’t speak 2 year old) slippers for a friends GD. I have heard or read of something that could be put on the sole that would make socks non-skid, but, I can’t remember what it was. Does anyone have a suggestion?

I don’t know if this is what you had in mind:

The other alternative is adding the non-gripping material to the socks like you would to make a pair of slippers.

Here’s a thread I found last year and saved for when I need it. Looks like you need it to:

Thank you both - this is what I thought I had heard but wanted to have it reinforced. I’m off to Micheal’s for some fabric paint.

From what I recall puff paint doesn’t stay non skid. After awhile it smooths out and isn’t any better than plain sock bottoms. I’m planning on use this if I can get it because it’s clear or Plasti-dip.

I was just checking some of the craft stores for the Super Grips Non-skid Coating and came across:

Fiber-Lok Non Skid Rug Backing Pint-1 Pint (16 Ounces)

At A.C. Moore’s. I wonder how well this would work and as a brush on I would think a lesser chance of getting over-spray on everything but where I want it.

Thanks mathwizard, luvmykid28 and Jan in CA

Chris, I’ve heard that it works, but it’s kind of goopy so it doesn’t look nice. I haven’t tried it myself, but was curious, too.

Jan, with the spray I would want t template to protect the rest of the fabric, and with the rug backing I wonder if it could be thinned down and more than one coat applied? Decisions, decisions.

With the rug backing AC Moore’s is just down the road, I may have to get some in the next week or so and play with it. The non-skid could be useful on the palm and fingers of gloves and mittens.

All I wanted was to be able to knit some kilt hose when I started but this addiction just get deeper and deeper.

Yeah, I figured I’d use a template. If you get the rug backing let us know how it works!

don’t they sell leather soles to make slipper socks? I thought I saw them on Mary maxim or Hershners

Yes they do and my LYS has them, but, I wonder how slippery the leather soles are. I know that leather soles for mens shoes are very slippery.

Next time I stop in the LYS I will have to give the leather soles a close look.

I was planning to get the leather soles and spray the clear non skid stuff on them. I want the ones with fleece in them since my floor is freezing.

@cacunn, I LOVE the Alvin maker series!! (Well, I read pretty much all of Orson Scott Card’s books) amazing books eh? I came across your thread through Merigold’s suggestion. Am planning to put a sole onto my baby’s booties, any suggestions on what worked out for you?

So far all I’ve used is the puffy fabric paint. I want to try the rug coating but have not had a need yet. The paint seems to work but needs to be replaced every so often.

As for the Alvin Maker books, you can down load audio books from the local library. With about 2.5 hours a day commuting this has be a sanity saver. Unfortunately the library has all but one of the books for download. I have the hard copy and am reading it as time permits.

I was thinking about something like a sticker or something specialy for baby socks/booties, is there anything like that? I thought I saw it somewhere but now i can’t seem to find it!

The only things I can think of would be leather soles sold at LYS and craft stores and stick-on non-skid patches sold for adult shoes. From what I can remember of the non-skid patches they would not be flexible enough for a knitted slipper/sock and would peel off.