Non-knitters say the darndest things

I have one to add to our collection. On the train home last night an older woman asked me what I was making. I said, “A baby blanket.” She looked at it and said, “Oh, so it’s like an afghan but knit?”

I said, “Yep”, but what I wanted to say is “it’s not like an afghan, it is an afghan.”

I figure she must crochet or think that it is only an afghan if it is croched? I thought it was cute.

My mom tried telling me that an afghan was only an afghan if it was crocheted. :roll:

what’s funny is that this is what says an afghan is [size=1]once you get past the non-yarn craft definitions[/size].

a soft woolen blanket, crocheted or knitted, usually in a geometric pattern

evidently they need to be made of wool to be an afghan… :teehee:

afghans can be crocheted? :shrug:


I thought an afghan was a breed of dog. :shrug:

This is better than my friends who thought I was telling them I had a person from Afghanistan on my bed. :rofl:


:roflhard: :chair:

Love it!!