Non-Knitters Just DON'T Understand!

DH & mom just don’t understand my obsession with knitting…and they wonder why I spend so much time on KH!!! Because you guys DO understand!!!

DH is very supportive of my talents (sewing, quilting, gardening, etc., etc., etc.). I told DH last night I’m going to get 14 skeins of Lion Brand to make my mom Lion Brand Three-Seson Cardigan Jacket, each about $5. He said I could BUY her a pretty nice cardigan for $70…:rollseyes: - he’d have a fit if I were buying @ LYS prices! LOL!

Or to make her a boy bunny to go with last year’s girl bunny
A Christmas present to mom
…OR…(kiddingly he said) I could BUY a cardigan and cut out the labels and put in one of my “created with love for you by Lu”
Yeah! Right! As IF!!!

Anyway, just wondering if everyone else has this problem of non-knitters in their life who just don’t get it???

I put yes, but even if they don’t understand they are all tolerant and understanding. :teehee:

I agree with Jan! :slight_smile: My husband is SUPER supportive but doesn’t get the obsession. He would let me buy the yarn to make anything (within reason). I think he’s well trained and has learned that if he lets me buy stuff it means he gets to buy stuff too (read: he just got a 56" TV!!!).

Tell him there is NO price for the love that goes into each and every stitch we knit! :wink:

My friends are [I]trying[/I] to understand… but sometimes I can still hear the “isn’t it cute she does that” in their voices! :rofling:

My husband is just glad I have something to do so I am not looking for projects and chores arounds the house!

:hair:Yeah I can totally relate to that! My mom, her bf, his daughter, and my brother think it’s so retarded that I look at yarn everywhere we go! I mean, if I have like a few skeins of yarn and I see one I seriously like at a store, I ask and I get “You have enough yarn at home!”!!! Eats me up inside b/c they dont understand! I hear ya! This is how my mom is sometimes: :violin:And that would be me busting the violin over her head! lol. but now, I think she is starting to understand a little, b/c when I turn out all of this knitted cough and crocheted cough stuff, she is [B][I][U][FONT=Impact][SIZE=4]amazed!!![/SIZE][/FONT][/U][/I][/B]

:nails:EXACTLY…mom & DH are totally supportive (within means of course, but I don’t shop LYS prices so it’s OK)…but I’m always getting “don’t you have enough yarn already?!?” from them.:fingerwag:


What mine don’t get…and I’m always hearing, “you should spend less time knitting and more time…sewing…drawing…painting…etc.” from both of them…in NICE ways, of course. I’m getting tired of reminding them I ONLY knit when I’m sitting and don’t want to be idle (watching TV, in car mainly) all my other hobbies take scheduling and take me away from their company! Sheesh!

Glad to see I’m not alone!

OK, I’m the freak that voted “no”. :roflhard:
I just don’t have a problem, in fact I have the opposite problem. My mom will call me up and ask if I’ve knitted anything lately. If I say no she actually sounds disappointed. My friends keep asking if I’ve knitted anymore purses to which I say no. They also seem disappointed. My husband is the worst enabler in yarn stores. He keeps picking up stuff and telling me I need it. My family’s favorite quote to me is “maybe you can knit one”. I think they have more faith in me than I do, I’m not that great of a knitter, I’m quite basic in my skills.

:flirt:Alrighty…perhaps you’d like to share with the REST of the class [U][B][COLOR=Red]what the heck you’ve been putting in their kool-aid?!?[/COLOR][/B][/U]

A husband who ENABLES at the LYS?!? I thought [COLOR=Red][U][I][B]I[/B][/I][/U][/COLOR] had the sweetest most wonderful husband in the world…now I’ll have to tell him he’s #2 on the list…he might change his tune about taking me to the LYS. :roflhard:

they don’t quite ‘get’ my addiction, but they’re very understanding and supportive of it. Whenever my mom comes over, she likes it when I show her my stash. She likes to feel the fibers, and she knows the skill & time involved in a knitted project. My mom has always been one of my biggest supporters, no matter which artform I’m doing at the time. I went through a painting phase in my teens and she still has every one of my completed works (well, the ones I didn’t give away) and displays them proudly. She brags and shows off everything I’ve knit or crocheted for her to anyone who will listen. Pardon me, I’m having an ‘i love my mom’ moment here :slight_smile: My DH too, he doesn’t quite get my love for yarn, but he humors me, and he loves my knitting. back when I started knitting socks, whenever I finished a pair, he would sneak it off to work with him to show off to the ladies in his office. Now, he just links them all to my blog :slight_smile:

I’m a yes. My mom is more supportive now that she has realized how talented I am and she benefits from the fruit of my labors. :teehee:

DH is better about the money thing since I teach knitting (and soon crochet) classes and work at the LYS and really only spend the money that I have earned. He has also learned not to ask me IF I can knit something, now he asks HOW something is knitted. :chair:

My husband just laughs at me. He laughs when I DVR Knitty Gritty and watch it after the kids are asleep, he laughs when I knit in the car as we’re driving somewhere, and he gets annoyed when he can’t get comfy on the couch at night, because I won’t let him lean on me while I’m knitting :slight_smile:

I’d like to join in this ‘I love mom’ moment, my mom & DH are very impressed with the work, she shows people artwork I didn’t even mean to display…things I was practicing, etc. But that’s how moms are!

Still…there’s that look of :shock: in their eyes when I tell them I want more yarn or I want to start another project. LOL!

I think it’s more of a happiness that I’ve actually found something I like to do and kept with it. I’m pretty fickle and bore easily of things, hobbies, etc. I think they feel if they give me positive enforcement the knitting won’t end up in a heap at the bottom of the closet like the rest of my obsessions since have. :roflhard: Oh yeah, hubby eggs me on because there is no way on earth I could ever spend what he has spent on race car parts, EVER! It’s his way of rationalizing his spending. “If she spends $100 on yarn, I can buy a $1000 hood! Yippee!!”

I put yes because my best friends except for one don’t knit, and think it is taking away from our time on the phone together.

one of them has even said that my blog is sociopathic/antisocial (in the clinical sense) because I only show body parts, not pictures of people.
and blames it on the knitting.

but my conspecific totally understands, and encourages me, because of the nonsweatshop, organic, better quality possibilities, even if he won’t let me knit him a sweater because the yarn is too thick. :poke:

and my mom thinks everything I do is beautiful! (some of it in that macaroni kindergarten art kind of way, I fear. :chair:) - but my grandmother and mom both knit and hoard yarn like crazy, so they are good knitting pals whenever I see them, which is tragically barely ever.

My husband and daughter ( who is 8 ) have both come right out and told me that I knit too much. My husband bites his tongue when I buy yarn, but I know he thinks I have too much. He doesn’t want to know how much it costs, the expensive stuff really stuns him.

Sometimes when I start to try to make excuses, he’ll say something like, “I just better see some by-God wearing of all that knittin’!” ( That’s adapted from “The Music Man” in which the mayor says, “I’d better hear some by-God tootin’ outa them horns!” ) What he most definitely does not understand is the rattling down of a finished garment which looks perfectly acceptable to him but of which I can not stand the sight. Then, I think, he really begins to wonder if I’m okay.

Part of my family think I’m totally obsessed. I listen politely to DH when he talks for hours about pins, wedges, head-knockers, and yards of concrete. I even ask questions, but I barely get 2 sentences out about knitting and he’s zoned out and back watching t.v. or something. He also thinks I should be able to buy enough yarn to last a year for $20.

Oldest DD has a page on bebo and in her list of things she’s afraid of, is “My Mom knitting in publuc.”

Youngest Ds and DD think it’s fine, they don’t even complain when I tell them to wait while I finish a row.

My friends think I’m nuts, but I always tell them there are worse addictions to have. Luckily DH is fairly supportive as he has his own obsessions.

:teehee: I put no… dh when I first started was kinda like why?? and how much?? but now he doesn’t care and says what yarn or needles would you like for the up coming holiday… it is just us lol our family is all in WV… the n’bors don’t say anything they enjoy the dish rags and I get asked for more… or bath mitts… plus the rest of my family does something… mom quilts and knits… dad is into black smithing or working with wood… my grandmother crochets… all like that so they get it and don’t say anything… everyone usually seems proud and encouraging… they might be thinking crazy…but they don’t say it :rofling:

♪ nah nah, they don’t understand it. they just don’t get it, no no if you feel me. holla all the knitters across the land ♪ :teehee: