Non-knit FO (mostly showing off my cat)

This is Mickey in his new bed (basically a crocheted circle with straight sides). I made it in response to two pressing demands: 1. my mom’s demand that I use up some of my yarn; and 2. my cat’s nearly hostile takeover of my computer backpack. (You put it on the ground and he thinks it’s his.) I did make the mistake of putting catnip in it to entice him to sleep in it. Of course, he goes completely kitty-high and starts trying to EAT the basket…

So cute.

I tend to not like cats (of course I’m allergic so that doesn’t help) but your cat is just beautiful! I love Siamese kitties! :heart: Great kittybed, too!

Mickey! Ironic name for a cat… :wink: I like it!

He is adorable!! The bed looks great… I would make one for my cats but they would never sleep on it… one of them only sleeps on my pillow next to me… and the other one on my hubby’s feet… oh cats!!!

He is the softest cat I’ve ever petted. “Mickey Blue Eyes” (the picture doesn’t do his eyes justice by a long shot) followed my parents home from a walk one night. The stereotypical Siamese yowls all the time, but he’s really quiet. (He’s trying to take over the world, as most cats are…)

Very nice…pretty kitty :cheering: