Non-felting self-striper?

I’ve been working on a hat in Noro Kureyon and one of my brother’s has asked for a similar one.

Being as how he’s a 22 year old bachelor, it’s probably unlikely that it would get washed… but if it does, I betcha it’ll go in hot water with his jeans, heh. :wink:

So, are there any self-striping, non felting yarns out there that you guys would recommend? The only one I can think of off the top of my head is that new-ish one by Red Heart and that’s… er, not quite what I’m after.

I would prefer something with long striping sections and worsted weight, but I’m open to anything.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Look for superwash sock yarns in worsted weight–Opal has a worsted weight; I saw some at my LYS the other day. Cool colors, too!

Lorna’s Laces has some cool colorways in superwash, like in Shepherd Worsted & Bulky & Sport but I’m not sure how “stripey” they end up, I suppose that would be a function somewhat of what exactly you are knitting and how the colors fall, KWIM?

Thanks, ladies! I’ll be heading to the LYS to check on them shortly – I know for sure the one I’m going to carries a decent selection of Lorna’s Laces.

Will have to look for the Opal too – pretty colors!

There are lots of really nice self patterning sock yarns around that would be great for hats if you are willing to use fingering weight. There are a few sock yarns that are heavier but I love the colors of some of the Trekking, Opal and Meilenweit yarns. Take a look below: