Non-curly scarf

So I just recently learned how to purl, thanks to this site, and I want to use my new talent to make a nice looking scarf. However, I made a small test bit and it’s really curly. What can I do to keep it from curling up?

Stockinette stitch will curl if you don’t put some kind of edging on it. Try knitting the first five or so stitches of every row, both on the knit side and the purl side. This will give you a garter stitch edging and prevent curling of the sides.

You might want to start by knitting the first 5 rows also, just to balance the whole thing out.

If you’re trying to make it in stockinette stitch (purl one row, knit the next) it will curl. The only thing to do is to make a border of garter stitch (knit every row) around it. First, make four rows of garter stitch, then on the next row knit 4, purl until 4 stitches before the end of row, then knit 4. Next row, knit whole row. Next row: Knit 4, purl, knit 4. Keep repeating these two rows until the scarf is the length you want, then do four more rows of garter stitch. Et voila!

Wow, you guys are quick!

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

realizing that I am also a new knitter, I have always wondered why we can’t make it a stockinette tube, like knitting it in the round, then, there is no curling and no “wrong” side. It will be 2 layers thick, so you wouldn’t need to make it all that wide…

just my wonderings… but would it work?

well in theory that would work if you knit/purl the first few rows. the ends of the tube WILL curl if you don’t do something to stop it from happening. unless, i suppose, you bind them together with a fringe or something like that. probably have to do some wet blocking to flatten those edges first though…

Yes, it will work. I made a scarf for my dad like that. All stockingette, DK yarn on size 5s, knit in the round. It took FOR-EV-ER. When it was finally done, I added fringe to both ends and blocked it. It really turned out nice.