Non cruling edges

can enyone explain how not to have the edges curling? I over-heard some ladies talking about slipping the last stitch or the first stitch. It makes it lay down neat…

Please help.

Slipping the first or last stitch only keeps that edge st from curling under, it doesn’t do anything to keep the entire edge from rolling into a tube. Doing several sts in garter or seed st at the beginning and end of the rows can help, so does blocking, but it’s hard to get it absolutely flat.

If you’re doing stockinette it curls. It’s just the nature of the stitch and slipping the edge really doesn’t help the curling. It makes a nice even edge, but you need a border to prevent curling and the wider the better. At least 6 stitches of a non-curling stitch like garter or seed stitch will help. Seaming will prevent it as well.

Excellent advise ^
It always good to alternate knits and purls for first few stitches.